Main Message

Title: State of JAH
By: Order of Malchizedek
To: All Inhabitants of Earth
The Kingdom of God took over the earthly kingdoms when Christ Ascended His Throne over two thousand years ago;  The City of Salem (Peace) has been established and is now called the New Jeru-Salem: JAH RULE SALEM.  It is the Physical and Lawful State of One's Being in Righteousness, legally established on public records for Governments. The entire Earth is the 'space' of this physical & spiritual 'State of Being' where the Individual occupies at any given moment of Life in JAH.  The State of JAH is the Spiritual Kingdom of God, created in the virtual realm for the people, servants & children of YHWH (JAH/ YAH) to physically be able (Abel) to traverse throughout the land freely, liberated and unhindered by any legal or political interest groups of the commercial worlds. In other words, Salem (New Jerusalem) covers all spaces including virtual, and the State of JAH is the spiritual 'place' of the individual's being. All members, on records and for the records, have their naturally born rights fully established, restored and lawfully given to them by GOD, in accordance to, with and in Law, as recorded in the BIBLE for public record; So each individual in the State of JAH is fully liberated, and None can waive their rights at anytime in this Sovereign State. No other State or Republic have or is given jurisdiction by, for, from, in or over any member, vessel or body (flesh) within this 'State' of One's Be-ing. The Law of the LORD, written, recorded & published in the Holy BIBLE, is the common 'Law of Order' in the land, under democratic ruler-ship, while members travel through the territories or inhabit the land as domicile. The 144,000 servants of JAH bears the 'Mark of the Beast' & HIS 144,000 children are Sealed by name, as rites, rights & writes of passages. Verification of their identity can be authenticated/ ithenticated in the virtual world, by the individual on a face-to-face manner in proving of 'the' fact, and or according to the living witness in Truth (Bible). Any unauthorized acts against any member of, or in, the State of JAH shall be met with deadly force, vengeance and or legal actions, in accordance with Law. Any foreigner, alien or stranger, inhabiting the land, who attack a member of, or in, the State of JAH, shall be charged and punished according to and by Law. Members of the State of JAH are in Salem, Solemn and Sovereign territory in New Jerusalem which spans the entire Earth. This includes, but is not limited to, land, air and sea. No other laws, statues, legislations, precepts, rules, regulations or ordinances can be made against or enforced upon any member of, or in, the State of JAH. Any and all concerns, complaints, reprimands, judicial proceedings, suits, grievances and or legal actions, against a member of, or in, the State of JAH, must be done in writing and addressed to the Office of Malchizedek, or any other lawful and authorized affiliates of the Kingdom of God.  All affairs of the State, concerning the People, shall be made known here and recorded publicly on the internet, through various domains, for all with interests. All Rights Reserved For-Ever.

JAH lion

Next Steps...

We welcome all without a home state to come and join with Us, and We encourage those without a nationality to call upon the Name of JAH and faithfully enter into the kingdom of God.  The State of JAH is prepared for all the politically displaced, the economically challenged, the helpless minor, the disenchanted and disenfranchised individual.  The State of JAH welcomes the poor, the sick, the weak, the broken, the fatherless and the widowed; to have forever and to hold dearly, so by and in Law the peoples can rightfully claim their God given rights & blessings.

To become a member of Our great State you must first be re-born by the Spirit, in the name of JESUS (Yahshua) the Christ, who is the begotten son of YHWH / YAH / JAH.  For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.