Our Mission

The objective of the servants of JAH is to seat the Christ on His Throne in New Jeru-Salem while preserving the interests of all the sons of God and the people of God who share in the love of Christ and are loyal to the Throne.  Allied nations and kingdoms all share in the prosperity of the children of God so their objective is to advance their position in paces to the Throne.  Our mission is to prepare the Way of the LORD by gathering His servants on One accord as We advance on the darkness of the enemies territory which is mainly the lack of knowledge.  Our mission here is also to gain membership to populate the Kingdom and to secure the Way for children of God.  The tree of life is revealed  in Malchizedek: In other words, the One is spelt out in all dimensions, ways and forms as JAH-Rastafari-Melchisedec.

Our Story

The State of JAH was created in virtual space for those awaiting the Kingdom of God to arrive.  The good news is, it is here!  Third EYE to the Trinity, JAH-Rastafari-Melchizedek, is manifest on Earth presently and ruling from the Holy Book of the Law (BIBLE). As Sovereign King in Salem, Melchisedec is the Ascended Master who has returned as Sovereign Grand Master to rule New Jerusalem.  As the ancient teacher of wisdom and everlasting life, the God-Father Malchizedek uses the indigenous Way [of Life], known to Rastas as 'Law', to pay homage unto the SOURCE in the holy temple of the body using incense (herbs).    Here, We authenticate members as sovereign individuals and publicly give notice to all for the records, based on their own testimonies.

Meet the Creators

Unity of the Spirit

Carrier of the Great Eye, Arc of the Covenant, Head of JAH.



Head Priest & Authorized Right Arm of the LORD.



The Golden Ram of an offering unto The LORD God.

Next Steps...

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