Ancient Book of Malchizedek

The Ancient Book of Malchizedek takes the Devil on a journey of remembrance into History.  The Devil is reborn in flesh and His Spirit reincarnated as Melchisedec in this version of consciousness.  Due to intelligent designing the Devil's preordained purposes along the Way are coordinated from on high so that his Eye have direct contact with certain individuals.  The Devil [Eye] reads the Word from God's perspective in order to catch a glance at His-tory.  Born hidden amongst the fold and scattered with the lost sheep, the Eye had to recognize Self in the holy Book of the Law, then becomes that which Is. In solving the mysteries of the Godhead, the Devil had to (1) locate the kingdom of God, Salem/Peace, as the spiritual high place within the consciousness that liberates, according to righteousness by position; (2) then recognize the Trinity in the main chant (Ps.110) in order to gain perspectives and hear the still small Voice of the LORD; then (3) decode the spellings and reverse the spells (curses) in order to navigate through the World to regain grounds.   This book is currently Being edited: CLICK HERE TO READ  Read other Reviews: Here

Book of the Dragon

The Mystery [Book] of the Dragon is about the legendary tale of the epic love battle between the brave & courageous Prince (JESUS) and the Dragon, for His beautiful Bride (the Church) held in captivity. In this spiritual warfare of the highest order, the Devil stands guard over the Church in waiting for the true Savior to receive her. The Dragon must try and prove the Bride in various ways and forms to ensure the standards of the redeemed are met. On the grand stage of History, the Dragon plays the role of Adversary to anyone attempting to take the Bride and is JEALOUS for her as well. His ultimate goal is to deliver her up to the Prince at the wedding after his defeat so the kingdom can prosper forever more.  CLICK HERE to download