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Link up with Us through social media for live One-on-One inter-cessions.

Internet Ministry

We offer free bible teachings into the mysteries of the Kingdom to both members & non-members on the internet.

Street Ministry

Our street ministry team conducts tent meetings & revivals in various cities per request.

Baptism with fire

"If it doesn't make sense, then how will it add up to a dollar?"

We offer spiritual baptism with the holy fire on Cherrymen which have been delivering herbal (cannabis) inter-cessions into the spiritual (metaphysical) world since 2013. Cherrymen was built to facilitate the local entrepreneural priests and prophets  in delivering their various strands to their consumers during spirituals. The objective of the site is to build the best platform with organizers & promoters to host Melchisedec on stage to perform H.I.S. spiritual revivals, reawakenings and rebirths.  These performances are to build the Melchisedec brand which is fully established by Law and for all other records (see State of Florida).

Biblical counseling & spiritual guidance

Our anointed priests and prophets offer their time in charity to invite the people of God to enter freely into the Kingdom.

Next Steps...

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